Anna Poroshina is an interdisciplinary artist

Anna Poroshina is an interdisciplinary artist (b. 1986), Tambov, Russia. Selected mediums: photography, digital collage, video art.

The main themes in the author’s work are variability and temporality. 

Anna is a laureate of the Young Photographers of  Russia 2021 contest, finalist of the photography contest “ARGUS-2021. Photography Among the Arts”. Since 2022 — member of the Russian Union of Photo Artists.

Anna’s works were presented at the exhibitions in Russia, the USA, Italy and the Netherlands.



2020 — 2022 — Academy of documentary and art photography Fotografika. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2018 — 2019 — New PhotoSchool of Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel. Krasnodar, Russia

2003 — 2009 — Tambov State University of G.R. Derzhavin (jurisprudence). Tambov, Russia


2023 — Shortlist of the photography contest “ARGUS-2022. Photography Among the Arts”  

2022 — Scholarship for outstanding Russian cultural figures and talented young authors 

2022 — Shortlist of the photography contest “ARGUS-2021. Photography Among the Arts” 

2021 — Portfolio review winner and laureate of the Young Photographers of  Russia 2021 contest 

Personal exhibitions

2022 — “Islands”. Kaluga Museum of Arts, Kaluga Russia

Group exhibitions (selected)

2023 — International exhibition “Visions of Sound: Noises, Rhythms and Acoustic Ambients”. Loosenart Gallery, Rome, Italy. “Islands” project

2022 — Young Photography Week. FORMULYAR Gallery, Novosibirsk and Museum Center “Peace Square”, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. “Islands” project

2022 — NUR International Media Arts Festival. Kazan, Russia. Video art “Islands”

2022 — Presentation and display of the video art “Islands”. ICC, Kaluga, Russia

2022 — International exhibition “Color shape”. Contemporary Art Gallery Contrast, Yekaterinburg, Russia. “Polyethylene clouds” project

2022 — International Festival of Contemporary Art ARTWEEK 2022. White Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia. “Polyethylene clouds” project

2022 - XV Winter International Arts Festival. Exhibition of works by finalists and winners of the contest  “ARGUS-2021. Photography Among the Arts”. Winter theater, Sochi, Russia. “Polyethylene clouds” project  

2021 — International exhibition “GMT -6 … GMT +4”. Memphis, USA. “Polyethylene clouds” project

2021 - International Photo Festival “Noorderlicht 2021: The Makeable Mind”. Groningen, Netherlands. “Polyethylene clouds” project

2021 — Festival “Young Photographers of Russia - 2021”. Kaluga, Russia. Exhibition “Young Photographers of Russia — 2021” in Tula, Novosibirsk, Vladimir, Moscow, Russia. “Polyethylene clouds”,  “Life” projects


2022 — Art MUSE magazine, Russia, cover, interview

2021 — LensCulture, the USA, competition gallery Critics 'Choice 2021